Transforming Ideas
Into Experiences

Unlock a world where creativity meets opportunity with Zach Neil Enterprises. From pioneering pop-up sensations to reshaping spaces in media, consulting, and beyond, we transform ideas into unforgettable experiences.

tailored solutions

Hospitality Consulting

For select qualified clients we offer a one stop solution for bars, clubs restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses. We can consult on the project or we can use our team do the heavy lifting on things like permitting, health inspection, staff hiring and training, menu creation, web, social media, marketing and media creation (photos and videos) employee handbook, best practices, state and city compliance, product buying and price negotiation, lease negotiating and securing.

Real Estate Reimagined

In this time of uncertainty in commercial real estate, we repurpose land and structures into new formatted experiential retail, houses of worship, service providers, eating and drinking concepts, animal and childcare services, branded learning stations and much more. We work with existing developers to supercharge their existing properties and raise the rental and resale values as well as plan out their properties in development.


We offer consulting, problem solving and fast solutions for corporations, teams, brands and high level individuals. We build marketing strategies and pitch decks, we design business plans, budgets, and we guide and enhance the creative process from real estate development to premier movie launches and everything in between.

Product Development

We have a passion for product, from cosmetics to horses, fashion to kitchen ware, we are investing in products, developing our own products and helping others take their products to market.

Meet Zach Neil

Renowned entrepreneur, chef, and creative visionary. With best-selling books and TV/media appearances on Food Network ABC, people and Time magazine. Zach is a recognized figure in culinary and entrepreneurial circles. Known for pioneering the pop-up hospitality model. Zach consistently pushes creative boundaries. As the driving force behind ZNE, he focuses on media/marketing, consulting, real estate, and product development, aiming to reshape spaces and craft unparalleled experiences. Zach’s enduring passion for innovation shapes his journey as an entrepreneur and artist.

Media Spotlight

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